1.Hamabe no Uta T. Narita
2.Ave Maria J.S.Bach-Gounod
3.Junko no Asa A.Sakata
4.Yume(der Traum) A.Sakata
5.Kaigara-bushi trad.folk song
6.Yesterday PaulMcCartney
Der Traum
2007/09/19 Release
YUME der Traum DPCD0004 2007.9.
Producer: Akira Sakata
Recorded at Keiseian Kyoto
Recorded on 4.November 2006
Recoding &mixing engineer: Kiyokuni Kamon
Masterd by Arata Imoto
Art work :"Kokotsu-moji" "Utopia" by Humiko Hori
Artwork coordination : Nakajima Arts
Designed by Katsuhiro Kinoshita from design Club

Akira Sakata mii
This "der Traume"was originally made for private edition for mourning Mrs. Masako Kojima(84years old) who was passsed by cancer on Summer 2006 in Kyoto.
Masako-san was a owner of "Keiseian" which was remodeled to very samll private hall from old japanese stile shed(Kura).Holl is fulled up with 40 peaples .
My band "mii" and myself played at Keiseian several times in which more than 100 yaers old Steinway placed for her two granddaughter's piano lesson.Masako-san and her doughter in law Husae-san baught that Steinway as thier belongings by Air in Wien Austria.
The house of Kojima-san is very interesting "machiya"style which is a kind of marchnt house in Kyoto.