2. Innocent Forest
3. Look at me
4. Silent Plankton-1
5. Aqua
6. Strange Island
7. Silent Plankton-2
8. Ballad for TACO
La Mer/Harpacticoida
1998 Release
Akira Sakata:alt-sax,soprano-sax
Febian Rwsa Pane(piano)
Hiroshi Ypshino(bass)
Kumiko Takara(marimba,percussion)
Art Works: Bokunen Naka
Except for the last #8 song, all the songs were originally composed for the video program" The Universe of Mijinko (Water Flea)". Later, I included "Ballad for Taco", which gained ardent requests from my fans, and compiled them and released as a CD work. Thanks to the excellent and cozy art provided by Mr. Bokunen Naka who added more value on this work, the CD gained a high reputation and the original 2000 copies were soon sold out. I received many requests to release more copies and before I arrange it, ENJA Records in Germany started to resell it. I'm glad that this CD has expanded its listeners in Europe as well. Of course, the resale in Japan is planned too.