1.Two fleet Steeds of Genshis Khan
2.Niikawa Kodaijin
3.Tugrugu Man fom Texas
4.Tsugaru Jongara-Bushi-Tsugaru Aiya-Bushi

1. Tsombon Tuuraitai Khuren
2. Gepee Busgui-Gooji Nanna
3. Leave Me
4. Wica
5. Sii Mai Yahlong
6. Akita-Ondo
7. Kelafa
Flying Mijinko Band/Central Asian Tour(Not for sale)
1994 Release
The Japan Foundation
Akira Sakata,Febian resa pane,Asuka Kaneko,ShozanTanabe,Michihiro Sato,Nicky Skopelitis,Hiroshi Yoshino,Bill Laswell,Anton Fier,Aiyb Dieng,Foday Musa Suso,Shigeri Kitsu,Kaori Kitsu,Epo
This is a double album and has been distributed to the libraries across the nation. If you are interested, please check with your nearby library and take some time to listen to it.
You will surely enjoy the music very much but also find how much of a genius Bill Laswell is for his compilation work. This CD is filled with the atmosphere of central Asia and the breaths of local people and nature. Art works done by Shinro Ohtake is also noteworthy. If circumstances allow, I hope to have a chance someday to release this CD to the public.