[:ja]1、浜辺の歌  成田為三
2、Ave Maria 曲/J.S.Bach-Gounod  
3、巡行の朝 献曲/坂田明
4、夢    献曲/坂田明 
6、Yesterday PaulMcCartney [:en]1.Hamabe no Uta T. Narita
2.Ave Maria J.S.Bach-Gounod
3.Junko no Asa A.Sakata
4.Yume(der Traum) A.Sakata
5.Kaigara-bushi trad.folk song
6.Yesterday PaulMcCartney[:]
[:ja]ゆめ der Traum[:en]Der Traum[:]
発売日 : [:ja]2007年9月19日[:en]2007/09/19[:]
発売元 : [:ja]ダフニア[:en]Daphnia[:]
[:ja]ゆめ der Traum DPCD0004 2007.9.

Producer: 坂田明
坂田明(altsax、vocal)黒田京子(piano) バカボン鈴木(bass)
Recorded at 溪潺庵(けいせいあん)京都
Recorded on 4.November 2006
Recoding &mixing engineer:加門清邦
Masterd by 伊元 新Art work :「甲骨文字」「ユートピア」by 堀文子
Artwork coordination :ナカジマアート
Designed by 木下勝弘( デザイン倶楽部)[:en]YUME der Traum DPCD0004 2007.9.
Producer: Akira Sakata
Recorded at Keiseian Kyoto
Recorded on 4.November 2006
Recoding &mixing engineer: Kiyokuni Kamon
Masterd by Arata Imoto
Art work :"Kokotsu-moji" "Utopia" by Humiko Hori
Artwork coordination : Nakajima Arts
Designed by Katsuhiro Kinoshita from design Club

Akira Sakata mii[:]
2007年 盛夏 坂田明[:en]This "der Traume"was originally made for private edition for mourning Mrs. Masako Kojima(84years old) who was passsed by cancer on Summer 2006 in Kyoto.
Masako-san was a owner of "Keiseian" which was remodeled to very samll private hall from old japanese stile shed(Kura).Holl is fulled up with 40 peaples .
My band "mii" and myself played at Keiseian several times in which more than 100 yaers old Steinway placed for her two granddaughter's piano lesson.Masako-san and her doughter in law Husae-san baught that Steinway as thier belongings by Air in Wien Austria.
The house of Kojima-san is very interesting "machiya"style which is a kind of marchnt house in Kyoto.[:]