A1 Gion Shoja
A2 The Death of Kiyomori
A3 The Matter of the Six Paths

B1 The Assault from the Cliff
B2 The Death of Atsumori

C1 The Death of Kiso
C2 Battle of Dan-no-ura
(The Drowning of the Former Emperor)
C3 The Chapter of the Battle (live-version from dvd)

D1 Gion Shoja (live-version from dvd)
D2 The Death of Kiso (live-version from dvd)
D3 Sea Chanty of Ondo (live-version from dvd)
[:ja]平家物語[:en]The Tale of the Heike – vinyl​-​version 2016[:]
発売日 : [:ja]2016年5月20日[:en]May 20, 2016 [:]
Akira Sakata – alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, bells, reading
Appearing on dvd recordinds:
Tatsuisa Yamamoto – drums, percussion
Jim O’Rourke – guitar, vocals
Chizuru Ishii – percussion, taiko, vocals
Yumiko Tanaka – shamisen, reading

cd recorded by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound, Kichijyuji, August 2011
dvd recorded by Jim O’Rourke, live at Pit-inn, 24th June 2012

vinyl mastering by Martin Siewert 2015

The Tale of the Heike CD(2011) and DVD(2013) were released on doubtmusic,Japan