1. Cosmic Zoom
2. Grandeur of microcosm under the chaos
3. Psy-Field:A
4. A strange life of Daphnia
5. T4-phage landed on the moon
6. Phase transition of KCI
7. Psy-Field:B
8. Micro-robot breaking into laughter
9. Vicissitudes
10. Voices of "Super strings"
11. Nano Space Odyssey
Nano Space Odyssey
発売日 : [:ja]1992年[:en]1992[:]
発売元 : Nec-Ave
[:ja]Akira Sakata,Tamai Toyooka,Asuka Kaneko,Kyoko Kuroda,Hiroshi Yoshino,Yu Fujii,Kiyohiko Semba,Atuy,Fusae Doi,Mishio Ogawa,Shigeri Kitsu,Norihiko Yamanuki[:en]Akira Sakata,Tamai Toyooka,Asuka Kaneko,
Kyoko Kuroda,Hiroshi Yoshino,Yu Fujii
Kiyohiko Semba,Atuy,Fusae Doi,
Mishio Ogawa,Shigeri Kitsu,Norihiko Yamanuki[:]
この音楽にはそれまでのわたしの全精力をつぎ込みました。自分では大変気に入っています。自分の葬式には9曲目から11曲目までをかけようと考えていました。ところが、その前に妹が癌で亡くなりました。だから、先にこの音楽で妹を送る事になってしまいました。(坂田)[:en]This work is a soundtrack of the science TV program "Nano Space" aired by NHK. "Nano" is the unit of length based on the size of the atom equal to 1 nano meter. It is 1-billionth of meter, or 10 to the minus-9th power. Yes, it's certainly a unit to measure atoms or molecules. 1000 nano meters is equal to 1 micro meter(μm) which is said to be the diameter of the mitochondria. Then 1000 micrometers is equal to 1 millimeter. This is the unit we apply to measure water flea (daphnia) and most of them are in ranges of 0.5mm to 5mm. Actually, the TV program "Nano Space" covered this level of creatures. Those were multicellular organisms, single-cell creatures, phage virus, fungi and atom and molecule that constitute living orgasms. I devoted all of my energy to complete this work, so this is among the most favorite of my works. My dream is to have #9th to #11th songs played at my funeral. Regrettably, before that day came I had to play these songs for my sister when I lost her to cancer.[:]